Team Stores

About Tees in Time Team Stores

Tees In Time custom embroidered hats and custom sporting apparel

Does your business, school, sports team, club or organization want to elevate your esprit de corps? Are you looking for an easy way to raise funds? Both?

Consider your own Tees in Time “Team Store”! Our experienced staff will work with you to style and design the exact screen printed or embroidered wearable (or wearables) you’d like and place them online in your branded web store for easy access and ordering by your team members and supporters. Each offered item will be pictured on the site showing your selected colors and designs so your Team Store visitors will know exactly what their ordered merchandise will look like on receipt. Your completed personalized items can be shipped or picked up at Tees in Time’s Colorado Springs location at each purchasers’ discretion.

Customized Team Shop for Uniforms and Company Apparel

Your fully automated Team Store keeps things simple and easy for you with no organizing fundraiser events, no order forms and no money to collect. You’ll never have to handle cash or checks again!

You can optionally add a markup to our low wholesale prices making each no-effort online sale a mini-fundraiser! Sure beats selling over-priced candy door-to-door doesn’t it?

What does all this cost? Not one penny! And there’s no obligation to reach any minimum sales level!

Want to learn more? Stop by Tees in Time or call us and we’ll answer all your questions and show you the literally thousands of wearable choices we offer!

Don’t have your needed logo or design? Tees in Time graphic artists are glad to help with design work! Browse our design portfolio!